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Housemarque has released their latest and greatest project, Matterfall! The game offers a perfect blend of the studio’s signature frantic bullet hell gameplay combined with fast and crazy platforming action. JUMP!

Housemarque has been delivering rock solid arcade action on console ever since their debut in the 90’s. Personally I’ve joined in on the fun with the release of Super Stardust HD on the Playstation 3 and have become a fan of the studio ever since. I’ve played all their recent releases and they keep surprising me with every release. Setting the bar even higher for themselves. Yet, every time they manage to deliver on the promise.

This year housemarque has treated us to two new amazing games, Nex Machina and Matterfall. Both are amazing and while they have obvious similarities the games do offer completely different takes on the studios’ signature bullet hell arcade action. Matterfall turns out to be my favorite of the two titles. Get ready to blast through explosive waves of platforming arcade action in this rapid-fire twin stick shooter.

Matterfall could best be described as a love child between Mega Man and Metroid, two games that I hold close to my heart and that have played a key role in my youth. However, this lovely child unfortunately suffers from ADHD. On top of that it takes steroids on a regular base. It’s fast. It’s frustrating. It’s menacing. It’s all you could have ever wished for in an action platform game and then some.

Dash Strike

You will play as Avalon Darrow, – yes the game has a female protagonist – who has the ability to control Blue Matter which allows creating platforms, forming energy shields and different weapons in a world corrupted by Smart (Red) Matter. You can fire your primary weapon, equip a secondary weapon, jump, jump some more, jump a lot and use your “Strike” ability, which basically is a dash that stuns the enemy and absorbs bullets. The game sports a fairly basic platforming gameplay, but by adding their frantic and hectic signature bullet hell gameplay, things are starting to get a bit more difficult than you would have expected.

Instead of me explaining the game’s mechanics and controls to you I would love to share the below two videos with you. In these videos Head of Publishing, Mikael Haveri will explain the game’s controls and the ever so handy “Strike” Abilty. Check them out:

About Matterfall’s Controls:
Matterfall Dash Strike:

The game’s few chapters are easily manageable on the “Freelancer” difficulty and I managed to see the end of the game in about 3 hours or so. However, if yo crank up the difficulty to “Veteran” or “Master” you will have a much harder time reaching the finish line. I still haven’t managed to finish my “Veteran” run. The game looks and sounds amazing and sports a classic Housemarque soundtrack. Matterfall comes with all the latest high tech whatnots and PS4 Pro enhancements, It runs on a rock solid 60fps, features a 4K resolution and has HDR support.

Final Judgement

Matterfall is what happens when Mega Man and Metroid have a love child and it is a good looking one, has ADHD and uses steroids on a regular basis. Much can be said about the duration of the game but considering it’s replay value and price tag we will forgive Housemarque and continue to worship them.

Housemarque’s Matterfall is available now on Playstation 4 and can be purchased on the US and EU PSN Store.











The Good

  • Hectic bullet hell gameplay
  • Housemarque
  • Low price

The Bad

  • Short

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