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Gravity Rush (also known as Gravity Daze in the East) is one of the most gorgeous looking games to ever be released on the Playstation Vita. The game was originally released in 2012 and developed by Project Siren (Team Gravity) lead by Keiichiro Toyama for SIE Japan Studio. I have never really gotten into the whole gyroscope-motion control thingy the game had going on with the Vita version. However, I was a huge fan of the game’s concept, its brilliant art style and impressive soundtrack composed by Kohei Tanaka. I always regretted not finishing the game, it should definitely be a must have for people who actually like movement controlled gaming. I would even dare to call it an essential.

I was pleased to hear Bluepoint Games was bringing the game to Playstation 4 as a remastered and upgraded version of the original, titled Gravity Rush Remastered. I was looking forward to finally revisiting my adventures in a remastered Hekseville accompanied by Kat and her ever so faithful partner Dusty. This time with less motion control nonsense and a bigger screen to display the beautiful scenery the game offers.

This Remastered version comes with a multitude of technical upgrades. Most significantly Bluepoint Games have found a way to really improve the game’s controls. This makes playing the game way more enjoyable compared to the original handheld version. The game works really well with the Dualshock 4 and without the irritating touchscreen controls of the original. The touchscreen has been replaced by L2 and R2, alternately you can also swipe left and right on the Dualshock 4’s touchpad. The new controls are significantly more satisfying and offer a more manageable way of fighting bosses and traversing trough Hekseville.

The game’s gravity shifting gameplay and accompanying powers and skills are amazing. They way Kat moves and falls are unique to this game and can’t be found in any other videogame. Gravity Rush easily offers one of the most original takes on gameplay I have seen. Period.

The game’s soundtrack is unaltered and trust me that’s a good thing. Kohei Tanaka has composed one of the most compelling and impressive soundtracks found in videogames. The soundtrack has a light heroic jazzy tune to it. Never going too much on the darker side, keeping the tunes light and comfortable for your eardrums. I can’t really find myself placing the soundtrack in a specific musical genre. It is weirdly unique, just like the game itself. The arrangements were done by Kohei Tanaka, Keiji Inai and Yasuhisa Murase.

The first half of the game’s story is very interesting and offers a compelling story rarely seen in other games. Especially if you keep in mind that the original is a handheld title. Kat is a strong, heroic, charming and witty protagonist. She rarely feels out of place and is a perfectly realistic portrayal of a young confused heroine who recently discovered her crazy gravity shifting powers.

Second half of the story is a slight letdown and has too many weird open ends and leaves a multitude of questions unanswered. Maybe Gravity Rush 2 will answer these. The game is often bugged by weird camera controls and angles that make some of the battles and bosses unnecessarily hard and confusing.

Unfortunately it is clear that this is an upscaled version of a great handheld game. I really like the artistic comic book style and graphics of the game, which look amazing and really suit the lighter tone of the game. However, some parts of the city and especially the backgrounds look out of place in a modern video game released on the Playstation 4. The game doesn’t run at a solid 60 fps but comes fairly close.

The included DLC, the spy pack, maid pack and military pack are meaningless and can easily be skipped. Just like the majority of the side missions the game offers.

Final Judgement:

This is the definitive version of the greatest Playstation Vita game on the market. The game is original and offers a unique gravity shifting gameplay mechanic that works surprisingly well on playstation 4. The atmosphere of the game is amazing and the original soundtrack is beautifully composed, easily offering one of the greatest music tracks to experience. Kat is portrayed as a believable and highly likeable protagonist that is charmingly perfect. Breaking away from the many characteristic superhero clichés we are usually offered in videogames.

Gravity Rush Remastered










The Good

  • Gravity shifting gameplay
  • Improved controls
  • Light heroic jazzy tunes
  • Amazing atmosphere

The Bad

  • Second half of the story
  • Weird camera controls and angles
  • no solid 60 fps
  • meaningless side missions

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