Disc Room Review – Slaughter House in Space

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If you thought that Robots from the future, Asteroids, Global Warming, or an Atomic bomb would bring about the end of mankind, you would be sadly mistaken. The end of mankind comes in the shape of sentient saw blades that appears around the Orbit of Jupiter. Break out the good silverware because death will be visiting.

The year is 2089 and a massive Disc like spaceship appears in Jupiter’s Orbit. We humans decide to stick our noses where it shouldn’t be and send a group of scientists into space to investigate. Here these scientists are met by death chambers filled with sentient saw blades ready to slice you in half. Disc Room might look like your standard bullet-hell dodge ’em up shmup on the surface, nothing wrong with that. However, the game might prove to be more deeper than originally thought and brings new meaning to the phenomenon “escape Room”.

Coping with Anxiety

Your goal in Disc Room is to escape the 100+ rooms, separated into different biomes, filled with a multitude of varied sentient disc like creatures whose prime objective is to kill you. You can escape/clear rooms by completing the rooms objectives. These vary from “survive x amount of seconds” to “Get killed by x amount of different blades”. The objectives get more interesting and harder to clear the deeper you proceed into the maze-like spaceship. The game actually forces you to die over and over again in order to escape/clear certain rooms and objectives.

Overcoming these obstacles and surviving rooms for a certain amount of time (seconds is the average) comes with trail and error. Sure you will die a lot and that is frustrating. You will even feel anxious at points almost and will try to seek out relief like a junky on a dry spell. However, once you become efficient in clearing certain objectives and rooms you feel accomplished and satisfied. Relieved you have overcome another blade massacre, only to die seconds later. Gathering your strength for another round only to be met by the foul edge of another mini disc, seeker disc, sniper disc, exploding disc, all the discs.

By the power of saw blade

During the course of the game you will absorb the power of the discs that kill you and unlock a handful of abilities to help you overcome the massacre rooms. These vary from dash, absorb, the ability to slow down time, and the Naruto clone technique. You will need these to unlock certain puzzles in the maze and can assign them to your own choosing throughout the rest of the game. These are especially helpful during the many boss encounters the game has to offer. You didn’t think this game would skip on an even more punishing blade creatures, did you?

Relieved to have survived the maze and have found some answers to our questions when completing the game we are met with a hard mode to complete. The included hard mode and leaderboard function give the game tremendous replay value for the given price point.

Final Judgement

Disc Room is a highly enjoyable old school arcade game with solid gameplay that offers tremendous replay value and an interesting living space ship to explore. While the games narrative is rather unclear and common at first sight, the game offers a lot of lore and interesting details to put your brain to work. Turning this less than interesting story in a dangerous hunt for answers.

Disc Room is created by the talented Kitty CalisTerri VellmannDoseone and Jan Willem Nijman, the game is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch. I have played the Nintendo Switch version for this review. The game’s amazing soundtrack composed by Doseone is available for digital purchase via Bandcamp.

Disc Room

£13.49, €14.99









The Good

  • Lore of the Blades
  • Hand drawn art style
  • Solid gameplay
  • Amazing Soundtrack

The Bad

  • Unclear narrative

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