Aground Deluxe Edition Soundtrack Available Now


The Aground Original Game Soundtrack Deluxe Edition features music by freelance composer/technical audio designer, Chase Bethea and is being released by the well-known, Materia Collective label. The deluxe edition includes the entire Aground soundtrack along with seven brand-new additional tracks, two tracks from Deity Quest, and three pieces of piano sheet music transcribed by Materia Collective’s David Peacock. 

Chase Bethea has been working on The Aground Original Game Soundtrack Deluxe Edition since the launch of Aground in April 17th, 2020. This deluxe edition of the soundtrack (the original of which was released in 2019) includes 7 additional tracks never heard before, 2 tracks originally from the game Deity Quest, and 3 pieces of sheet music transcribed and arranged for solo piano by David Peacock: “Ancient Aquatic Energy,” “Brave Crusader,” and “Nightly, so you can learn how to play the music.

Many of the tracks will bring excitement, nostalgia and joy to the listeners. Each track is carefully crafted to compliment hours of game-play never to become monotonous. Aground’s soundtrack covers a spectrum of fresh rhythms and genres, using funky rare/historical time signatures, psychedelic synths, nostalgic 8-bit and chiptune elements and guitars.

Aground Original Game Soundtrack Deluxe Edition s available now on all major streaming platforms and available for digital purchase.

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